Sticky honey chicken


April 1, 2015

Sticky honey chicken 5 0 5 38
  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs
  • 20 mins

    2 hrs

    2 hrs 20 mins


500g chicken breast

3 tablespoons honey

1/4 cup light soy sauce

1 tablespoons brown sugar

2 teaspoons minced garlic

1/2 small onion

Flour to coat


1Coat diced chicken in flour and brown in butter over medium heat but do not fully cook through. Throw in thinly sliced onion towards the end.

2In a bowl mix all other ingredients together and throw together with chicken in slow cooker for 2-3 hours on high.


4Served with rice and vegetables on the side


6*Note*. If using 1kg of chicken, double all other ingredients except the soy sauce

Submitted by Shaya


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January 12, 2019

Tried this for the first time and loved it. So quick and easy . Hubby even used two words to describe it while eating, Ok and good πŸ˜€

Mary Sutherland

October 1, 2018

Made this chicken dish but it was toooooo sweet.

jody clancy

September 20, 2018

made this for dinner it was so good . only i used a little less soy and little more honey


September 20, 2018

Amazing sticky and yummy ,My partner who is not a very good in the kitchen made this last week, I had surgery and needed to rest, so easy to do, definitely having again.

Tammy Noble

September 15, 2018

Made this a few nights ago. I used double the chicken, so I doubled everything else except the Soy Sauce.
In the last half hour, I chopped a head of Broccoli into florets and through them in too.
Served over rice.
Absolutely delish!
Reheated well for Hubby’s dinner at work the following night too!


July 29, 2018

I want to cook this tonight. Im using 1kg chicken and want to gook on low how long for

sarah vandenberg

June 15, 2018

Made this last night and idk what i did wrong but i might skip brown sugar and use normal soy. as i added allot of salt when i had dished up.

Tracey Davies

June 4, 2018

Big hit and no leftovers! Cooked on low for 5ht doubled the ingredients except soy as per recipe. Fussy Master 9yo devoured it too

Yep but I wouldn’t double the soy as it’ll be too salty maybe?


May 30, 2018

If you were to double this recipe would u double everything?… no way it would feed my 4 boys lol

Rosanna Hetherington

May 29, 2018

The first time I made this it was a major flop no idea what I did wrong but it was the first recipe I tried that wasnt a casserole or stew. After a little experimentation and learning and having successful meals I decided to give this another go. My whole family is so glad I did even my picky eater scoffed her tea down nice and quickly. Next time I might increase the amount as we have none left we had it with brown rice and baked spuds cooked in the slowcooker as well and steamed veggies on the side.


April 29, 2018

Loved this bit it didn’t look like the pic but it was delicious, we had it with rice and spring rolls, my partner even enjoyed it.


April 15, 2018

I used Tamari (Japanese gluten free soy) and palm sugar in lieu of light soy and brown sugar. Slightly less honey and sugar than recipe. Added spring onion and French onion shallots and also used chicken thigh. So simple and delicious.

Daniela Nonkovic

April 12, 2018

Great recipe and one that I’ll definitely be making again!
I’ll probably add carrots & capsicum next time.
I doubled the chicken & honey, used 1/3 cup of soy sauce and 2 small onions (halved, then quartered).
2 hours on high & 1 hour on low. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Nancy Murphy

September 30, 2017

Love this dish. Putting it on today so I can watch the Grand Final and dinner will be ready when it is finished. May the best team win. I know my dinner will be a winner!!!

Rita Price

September 17, 2017

Enjoyed this dish & will make again. The only thing I changed was the amount of sugars – I didn’t use any brown sugar & halved the amount of honey. Still quite sweet but tasty.


September 12, 2017

Guys you can buy light soy in the Asian food section of woolies and Coles. It’s not in the isle where the normal soy is but in the isle where Asian foods are.

Carla Mullenberg

August 25, 2017

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner I know everyone says it but this dish is a winner. I used thighs and since my SC runs a bit hot I cook it on low for the same amount of time I also doubled the recipe including the Soy Sauce (I use Tamari which is not as salty as others) and it was perfect, another one to add to my growing roster of recipes.

Ammie Higgins

August 3, 2017

Delicious . I only had dark soy but was still good . I served it with white rice and steamed broccoli. Will definitely cook again .


July 4, 2017

A great dish my partner and i loved it will make again for sure


July 3, 2017

I will check out my local Asian grocers, surely they’ll have light soy….

Jeanette Baker

June 18, 2017

Couldn’t find light soy sauce in the shops ?? Where in Australia do you buy this please


June 12, 2017

Family favourite!

Nicola Carruther

May 23, 2017

So quick & easy to make.
I did double the sauce ingredients except the soy.
I have a secret chef slow cooker so this whole dish was made in an hour!
I used tenderloins instead of breast fillet.
Will definitely make this again


May 12, 2017

Made this with 1kg chicken thighs. Doubled everything except soy (used dark) as instructed. Didn’t brown the chicken, just coated in cornflour and added to sc. Came home from work to put on and found the minimum time my sc allows is 4hrs. Decided to turn it on and see what it was like at dinner time. 3hr later meat was cooked and sauce beginning to thicken and coat meat. Served with rice and steamed greens, family decided we can add it to the list of things they will eat. A major achievement! Great recipe.

Trish vanderlaan

May 11, 2017

This dish is deffently the new family fav! I sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with fried rice. Better than
take away & Alot healthier too!

Lee McCarthy

May 8, 2017

Delicious thank you. Whole family loved it.

Any advice re doing it on a bigger scale?
eg do you multiply everything?
Do you alter cooking time?


May 6, 2017

To please a family of 9 is hard but everyone including my super fussy 2 yr old love this. Odveously we make it on a much bigger scale but absolutely love it. One of my all time favourite slow cooking recipes​ and so much cheaper than paying for Chinese for a big family.Five stars.


April 30, 2017

I tried this today for the first time with 650 g of chicken thighs and otherwise stuck to the recipe. Coated in plain flour and used a very hefty dump of butter for the browning of the chicken and the onions. I cooked on high for 2 hours and the chicken was both well cooked and tender. As a bonus there was plenty of sauce left at the bottom of the cooker to drizzle over the meals/into the rice I served it with. Overall very happy..tasty, very simple prep and a great base to experiment from.

Jennifer Blair

April 27, 2017

Very easy recipe and tasty. I only had dark soy sauce so it turned out quite a bit darker than in the picture but was still very nice. I served it with rice and green beans sauteed in sesame oil, and sprinkled sesame seeds over. Yum!

Pam Aitken

April 24, 2017

A very nice flavour will add to my favourites list.
So used to cooking more savoury flavours this was very nice.
Thank you.

Jodie Leemhuis

March 3, 2017

Very nice and simple recipe. Easy to prepare and the sides you could make to accompany are endless. The whole family loved it, although my partner did say it was very sweet to him, everyone else licked their plates clean πŸ™‚


February 19, 2017


Kellie Wilkie

January 29, 2017

This is our new family favourite. I did brown the chicken first, and found that 3 hours was enough for 1kg of chicken thighs. Used normal soy sauce but followed the extra notes and did not double the soy, but doubled everything else. Served with rice and steamed vegies. No leftovers sadly.

Lisa Rudd

January 18, 2017

This is the second time I’ve made this and both times I’ve cooked it for too long. Came out really dry and stringy. I want to love it so I will try again. Also I’ll add less soy but more honey I think.


January 18, 2017

made this tonight and it was lovely with chicken

Talia Pershouse

January 6, 2017

I had pork spare ribs out for dinner and decided to try this recipe using them sliced up . It was really yummy served with rice pilaf. After browning the pork first, I found it only took 2-3 hours to cook . Will be trying it with chicken next time πŸ™‚

April Pasion

December 29, 2016

A family member has a health issue with soy sauce. Can you suggest an alternative for that ingredient? Thank you!

Linda Jarvie

November 8, 2016

What size of slow cooker do you use to make this


November 3, 2016

This is super yummy – the whole family enjoyed it! However it does cook really fast so be aware! I put the crock pot on low expecting about a 6 hour cooking time and it was done in 2.5 hours! So I just kept it on warm and it was still moist and yummy for dinner a few hours later πŸ™‚

Dee Hargreaves

October 31, 2016

Made this for dinner tonight and it was a huge hit with my daughter. Definitely a keeper.

Michelle Roylance

October 4, 2016

I am making this tonight will let you know what we think once we have it , it does look delicious though so here’s hoping …

Deb wessley

October 3, 2016

Wow! This recipe is soooo delicious. Made it with chicken wings coz thats what we had and even fussy Mr 4 was licking his fingers clean. Will definitely be making this again


August 22, 2016

Can you use dark brown sugar? If yes how much?


August 20, 2016

This is one of my favorite sc recipes my sons love it ??

Sharni Krygger

August 16, 2016

Wow. This is by far one of my favourite slow cooker dishes. This is delicious. Making double next time so we can have seconds and thirds. Very easy, cost effective and full of flavour.

Colleen Snibson

August 16, 2016

I used a kilo of chicken and had it on low. Cooked it for about 8 hours but found it was too long and the meat was a bit dry. I think my new slow cooker cooks a bit hotter than my previous one. It was starting to stick to the bottom, so I added a bit more water. While I was out, hubby added a bit too much water and it became runnier. The flavour was still really nice. Will definitely be making this one again but cooking it for less time. I was even thinking that I could add some veggies in and make it a pie filling.


August 9, 2016

Yummy !! My fav recipe . Hubby liked it too πŸ™‚



August 7, 2016

Hi, what kind of flour to coat the chicken should I use? Plain? Cornflour?


August 4, 2016

Delicious! I did halve the amount of soy sauce to reduce the salt content for my little ones and still great. 1 year old was sucking the sauce off the chicken! We had it with rice and green beans, which worked quite well. Next time I might add some veg to the slow cooker as we wanted more of the meal! Thanks for such a great recipe!

Jess ellis

August 3, 2016

Love it. So easy. Even the little fussy ones enjoy it

Maria Ivory

August 3, 2016

How long would you cook 1 kg of chicken?

Most jar versions will give you the conversion .. eg 1 tsp equals 1 clove
That way you can still use whatever you prefer or have on hand


August 1, 2016

Do people generally use minced garlic from a jar for this, or freshly minced cloves? I know they’re interchangeable, but I do find there’s a difference in flavor. I’ve found a few recipes on here where the quantity is measured in teaspoons rather than cloves … am I right to assume this means garlic from the jar?

emma vanderlijn

July 25, 2016

Family favorite

Bex Collins

July 15, 2016

Yummy. Everyone enjoyed this meal. I used chicken thighs and cooked for 5ish hrs. Turned out delish. Served with rice and steamed vege. Thank you so much. Will be doing this recipe again


July 8, 2016

this is ne of the best meals I’ve made n such a short notice.

Jean Webb

July 8, 2016

I also tried with pork instead of chicken and it was just as good


June 7, 2016

Definately one that I’m making a regular in our house, added some carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and capsicum.


January 30, 2016

Yummy, will be making again.

Kerry durnan

January 8, 2016

Fantastic recipe just as it is ?


January 4, 2016

I use regular soy sauce and find that half the amount works better.


December 1, 2015

If I can only find normal soy sauce would you suggest halving the amount?

Margaret Brims

November 16, 2015

This is the recipe that lead me here. So thank you, it’s a family favourite πŸ™‚

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