Category: Vegetarian

Curry pumpkin soup

A big pot of lush curry pumpkin soup ... soul food!

Spanish Frittata

A twist on a Spanish omelette

Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage leave rolls with vegetarian filling in a sweet and sour sauce :)

Spicy Tropical Mango Chutney

Great spicy kick on summer salads and burgers or as a winter warmer on schnitzels and white meat roasts

Vegetable Lasagna

Healthy, easy and delicious vege lasagna

Pie Floaters

A slow cooked pea soup base to drop your cooked pies into for yummy pie floaters!

Pulled Jackfruit

Savoury, simple vegan


Side dish with sprouts with a different taste

Quick and Easy Gnocchi

A quick and easy dish of gnocchi cooked in a tomato sauce perfect for cold nights in. With only 2 ingredients, this comfort food is yummy and healthy! :-)

Asian Greens

Beautiful vibrant Asian Greens right from your slow cooker :)