Category: Side Dish

Chicken & Mushroom Potato Bake

Completely adaptable recipe!
Don't be afraid to improvise! Cook it to your taste.

Sticky Hassleback Potatoes

Sticky potato dish that uses white or sweet potato

Honey Mustard Potatoes

A super simple and tasty potato side dish with the favourite flavours of honey & mustard 🙂

Sweet Chilli Butter Broccoli

A fresh and tasty side dish that easy to prepare and serve - low carb friendly too!

Onions for BBQ

To make family BBQ's a little easier

Baked Brie

Slow cooked Brie with cranberry sauce and flaked almonds..... Definite addition to the Christmas menu!

Sneaky Mac n cheese

Cheats way Mac n cheese, super cheesy and creamy and absolute heaven.
Can be served as a side or a complete main.

Minted Potatoes

Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon while meat is cooking in another slow cooker

Sweet Potato Bake

A lush sweet potato bake - a nice twist on the regular potato bake - so good!
Cooked in a small 1.5L slow cooker. A perfect side dish!

Hawaiian Jacket Potatoes/Baked Potatoes

Hawaiian topped Jacket Potatoes (Baked Potatoes) right from your slow cooker!