Category: Sausages

Mango Coconut Curry Sausages

A family friendly, mild sausage curry packed with flavour everyone will love!

Garlic Soupy Sausages

A tomato and garlic sausage dish that simple to assemble and can be served with either mashed potatoes and vegetables or roast potatoes and vegetables

Curried Sausages

Tasty, saucy, slow cooked curry sausages :)

Apricot Chicken Sausages

Slow cooked apricot chicken sausages! Budget friendly, easy to cook and so tasty the whole family will LOVE them! Yummy :)


These are the most tastiest, irresistible, mild curried sausages that the whole family will love 😍 Slow cooked comfort food at it's best!

Kickin Sausage Hotpot

A very spicy Sausage Hotpot, easy to prep, cook, versatile for serving

Mild curried sausages

A delicious, mild curry for the whole family to enjoy. My kids love it!

Gourmet Hot Dogs

This is no ordinary hot dog!!
Check it out :)

Cheesy Franks & Beans

Super easy - Super Cheesy
Franks and Beans!
Great for a warming breakfast for hungry kids and VERY budget friendly too!
Perfect :)

Hot Dogs Put together

Can put cooked spaghetti in it or anything you like. Fantastic for a kids meal as well 🙂