Category: Sausages

Easy Curried Sausages

This is a favorite in my house, especially with a fussy toddler. This is a sweeter curry so great for kids.

Curried Sausages – My Way!

Filling, tasty and just YUM!

Sausage stew

Slow Cooked Sausages in Rosemary Gravy

A great budget meal that is hearty and flavoursome. The sausages are so tender they melt in your mouth.

Sausage & Onion

You don't have to boil sausages first if you don't want. Just personal preference 😊

Sausage Breakfast Casserole

A hearty sausage breakfast casserole to warm and fill hungry tummies!

Sweet Sauce Sausages

Sweet sauce sausages - so yum!!

Mango Sausages, Rice and Veg

A great complete meal all in one, grab a bowl, grab a spoon and just tuck in!
Vegetables, sausages and rice in a mango sauce :)

Easy Sticky Sausages!

My boys absolutely love these sausages, I have four boys, so I cook extra sausages and adjust the liquid accordingly 😊
Serves beautifully on mashed potato!

Sausages, Pork and Beans

A hearty slow cooked casserole/stew, perfect on a cold winter night