Category: Sausages

Sausage & Onion

You don't have to boil sausages first if you don't want. Just personal preference 😊

Sausage Breakfast Casserole

A hearty sausage breakfast casserole to warm and fill hungry tummies!

Sweet Sauce Sausages

Sweet sauce sausages - so yum!!

Mango Sausages, Rice and Veg

A great complete meal all in one, grab a bowl, grab a spoon and just tuck in!
Vegetables, sausages and rice in a mango sauce :)

Easy Sticky Sausages!

My boys absolutely love these sausages, I have four boys, so I cook extra sausages and adjust the liquid accordingly 😊
Serves beautifully on mashed potato!

Sausages, Pork and Beans

A hearty slow cooked casserole/stew, perfect on a cold winter night

Mango Coconut Curry Sausages

A family friendly, mild sausage curry packed with flavour everyone will love!

Garlic Soupy Sausages

A tomato and garlic sausage dish that simple to assemble and can be served with either mashed potatoes and vegetables or roast potatoes and vegetables

Curried Sausages

Tasty, saucy, slow cooked curry sausages :)

Apricot Chicken Sausages

Slow cooked apricot chicken sausages! Budget friendly, easy to cook and so tasty the whole family will LOVE them! Yummy :)