Category: Pork

Melting sticky pork rashers

Pork Bolognaise

Pork mince pasta

Meatballs and Sauce

Created and made from scratch by my 7-year old son Michael who has developed a love for cooking, and a passion for flavours.

Apple Honey Pork

Pork with a perfect pairing of apple, mustard and honey

Pickled pork

Pickled pork was a regular meal mum would cook when I was a child. I love how moist and tender the meat is when cooked. It tastes so delicious as well.

San Choy Bow – Low Carb

A low carb slow cooked San Choy Bow :)
Serve straight from your slow cooker to your lettuce cups!

Sausages, Pork and Beans

A hearty slow cooked casserole/stew, perfect on a cold winter night

Pork and Gravy

Simple and easy three ingredient pork, serve as a roast with vegetables/salad and gravy or pulled with rolls/salads/mash
Perfect serve yourself meal on sports nights or for that party/group get together

Pork with Apples and Vegetables

A one pot meal for those nights when you don't want the hassle of side dishes when you get home

St Patrick’s Day Guinness Pickled Pork.

Tender pull apart pork, not too salty as the Guinness takes bit of the saltiness out.