Category: Lamb

Hot n Spicy Lamb Soup

Please know that this is hot. You can make it milder by substituting the chillies for a more mild flavour. Would be good with beef or chicken

Hot Spicy Apricot Lamb

Bit spicy for young kids, but honestly not too hot

Roast Lamb – Pulled & in Gravy

A beautiful slow cooked roast leg of lamb, pulled then finished in a lush rich meat gravy!
Great for roast dinners, parties or self serving at functions :)

Slow cooked saucy shanks

Flavoursome slow cooked saucy shanks that will have you licking the plate clean ❤️

Yummy Lamb Shanks

Lamb Shanks with red wine and gravy.

Winter lamb shanks

Luscious winter warmer meal for the whole family to enjoy with meat that literally falls off the bone.

Lamb Shanks

This is lovely & rich with the meat falling off the bone.

Garlic & Tomato Lamb Shanks

Delicious, Tender, Flavoursome 'Fall off the bone' lamb shanks served with creamy mash potato and fresh steamed vegetables. Knock your socks off on a cold winter's night.

Shanky Lamb Tagine

Packed full of flavour! Spices to delight your senses.

Old Favourite Casserole Chops

My Mum's old fashioned, family casserole recipe, that warms you to the soul. Melt in the mouth lamb chops and flavour packed gravy, that's just perfect for cold winter nights.