Category: Lamb

Chinese Style Braised Lamb Shanks

Yummy Asian inspired lamb shanks

Lamb Bolognaise

A rustic homestyle bolagnaise made from scratch

Super Easy Roast Lamb

Simple, super tender & moist roast lamb

Spicy BBQ Lamb Ribs

This is a delicious but spicy meal.

Lamb Rogan Josh

Slow cooked yum!

Slow cooked lamb leg

Slow cooked lamb is the BEST lamb!

Roast Lamb

A simple yet delicious option for your slow cooked roast lamb

Coconut Lamb Curry

A coconut lamb curry for your slow cooker

Roast Lamb with rosemary butter & red wine sauce

The classic rosemary and garlic combination that compliments a roast lamb with a lush red wine sauce to pour over

Leg lamb in french onion soup & sweet chilli sauce

Juice from this also makes wonderful homemade gravy as well..Your leg lamb should be very tender , succulent and delicious too!