Category: Healthy Options

Roast Chicken – Stuffed full of Flavour!

Roast chicken with garlic, onion, thyme and lemon pepper butter. Low Carb friendly also :)

Lemon & Herb Shredded Chicken & Broth – Low Carb

A low carb lemon & herb shredded chicken using a bone broth concentrate that not only gives you chicken but a broth to drink at the end that's sex in a cup!

Quick and Easy Gnocchi

A quick and easy dish of gnocchi cooked in a tomato sauce perfect for cold nights in. With only 2 ingredients, this comfort food is yummy and healthy! :-)

Asian Greens

Beautiful vibrant Asian Greens right from your slow cooker :)

Pork with Braised Cabbage and Baby Potatoes

A simple pork and vegetable recipe that easy to prepare and easy to serve

Sweet Potato and Pear Soup

The sweet flavour of pears gives this soup a unique but subtle twist

Sweet Carrot Soup 2 Ways

So sweet the kids love it! You can leave out the coriander if you like. The cream version is suitable for an entree when entertaining too.

Orange, Cranberry and Pistachio cake

Deliciously Vegan

Sweet Potato and Corn Soup

A sweet soup for winter

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Rich, creamy and delicious !