Category: Dessert

Banana-Berry Loaf

A sweet fruity crockpot cake or dessert with the family friendly flavours of strawberry and banana!
So tasty and so easy to slow cook!

Raspberry & white chocolate pudding

Cold wet weather equals yummy puddings! Combining raspberries & hidden bursts of white chocolate with a simple jam sponge roll to become an indulgent treat.

Lemon Sago

A delicious and easy old fashioned dessert

Hot Cross Bun Pudding

A delicious way to enjoy your Easter hot cross buns!

Raspberry and Apple Crumble Cake

Dessert or afternoon tea.
Adapted for the slow cooker...

Blueberry Cobbler

Crockpot cobbler

Choc orange cookie pudding

Easy and very tasty dessert. The topping tastes just like chocolate cookies. Use any fruit you like and enjoy.

Strawberry & Lemonade Upside Down Cake

A deliciously, moist and sweet cake perfect for afternoon tea or dessert.

Easy peach dessert

SUPER EASY Fruity pudding topped with walnuts

Strawberry and Apple Crumble

A sweet crumble for two cooked in the baby 1.5L cooker.