Category: Beef

Shredded Taco Beef

Shredded Mexican Beef - great in tacos and other Mexican favourites!

Wasabi cheese meatballs

Slow cooked wasabi cheese meatballs

Easy taco stew

Super yummy and easy. Could grate veggies to hide from fussy kids lol.
I served mine in mini taco boats with grated cheese and sour cream.

Braised steak & onion

A recipe I've made for years in the oven & decided to make in slow cooker, it is delicious.

Shredded Beef in Vegemite Gravy

Easy and tasty, slow cooked shredded beef!

Beef Short Rib Ramen

Recipe works with all types of meat and fish, just adjust the cooking time for the protein.

Nan’s beef stew

A hearty, slow cooked beef stew. This meal freezes really well and very handy for meal prepping. Why not give it a go yourself!

Simple & Sensational Pulled Beef

A simple, slow cooked, 3 ingredient pulled beef. So versatile to then serve with salad, on wraps and pizza's or even on subs :)

Thyme Osso bucco with Cumin Mash

Tasty. seasoned, slow cooked osso bucco beef shins

Shredded Beef Chilli Cone Carne

A shredded beef version of your favourite Chilli Con Carne!
Great to leave cooking all day then simply shred and serve on corn chips with sour cream :)