Category: Beef


Suitable for the whole family. Not too spicy but does have a little bit of a bite so if your kids will be eating this I would reduce curry powder to 1 tsp

This is gold silverside

Lovely served with mash and veggies and cheese sauce

Roast Beef

A gluten free roast beef recipe that is amazing delicious and also works with chicken and lamb.

Hearty beef casserole/stew

A hearty vegetable packed beef stew

Stuffed Roast Beef

Stuffed roast beef for your slow cooker

Smoky BBQ & Onion Pulled Beef

A lush smoky BBQ pulled beef - just 3 ingredients

Savoury beef

Rich and savoury. Beautiful served with creamy cheese mash and veg.

Beef and barley soup

A filling slow cooked soup

Satisfying Silverside

My mum taught me this recipe on the stove and I didn't think it could get any better, until I was introduced to the slow cooker that is!

Easy Beef Stroganoff

Very easy and delicious