Category: Beef

Beef Short Rib Ramen

Recipe works with all types of meat and fish, just adjust the cooking time for the protein.

Nan’s beef stew

A hearty, slow cooked beef stew. This meal freezes really well and very handy for meal prepping. Why not give it a go yourself!

Simple & Sensational Pulled Beef

A simple, slow cooked, 3 ingredient pulled beef. So versatile to then serve with salad, on wraps and pizza's or even on subs :)

Thyme Osso bucco with Cumin Mash

Tasty. seasoned, slow cooked osso bucco beef shins

Shredded Beef Chilli Cone Carne

A shredded beef version of your favourite Chilli Con Carne!
Great to leave cooking all day then simply shred and serve on corn chips with sour cream :)

Sticky Steakhouse Ribs

Finger licking... lip smacking ... DELISH!!
Sticky beef ribs in a BBQ steak sauce marinade.
Sure to please. Great for parties and entertaining :)

Family Friendly Beef Curry

A lush, beef curry the whole family can enjoy :) A slow cooked, coconut cream based bowl of mild, meaty curry you'll be sure to want seconds of!

Granddad’s Beef Stew and Dumplings.

A hearty tasty stew. Stew freezes well without the dumplings.

Roast Beef & Rich Gravy

A tender roast beef, slow cooked in and served with a rich roast meat gravy. Make your next roast dinner easy and tasty with this great new recipe!

Slow Cooked Beef Stew

A flavour packed slow cooked beef and vegetable stew