Category: Beef

Sticky beef spare ribs

Melt in your mouth delish

Braised Beef Cheeks

This is a bowl full of deliciousness. The Beef Cheeks melt in your mouth.

Braised steak & onions

This is a family favourite. Its delicious and perfect to have on a cold winters night.


A different dish for a Frid.-Sat. night perhaps
Even at a "serve yourself" party

Slow Cooked Beef Rendang

Beautifully fragrant and mildly spiced so it’s not too hot for the kiddies. This dish is perfect to warm those tummy’s on cold winter nights.

Campfire Casserole

A rich beef and vegetable stew perfect for home or camping!

Beef Stroganoff

A beef stroganoff to enjoy on your favourite pasta

Beef with tomatoes in gravy

Easy recipe. Quick preparation and delicious...

Slow Cooker Beef Cheeks With Gremolata

This is rich in flavour and the meat is so tender.

Beef Bourguignon

A mouth watering meal!