Category: Asian

Dark Broth Ramen

A rich and salty dark broth ramen inspired by traditional Japanese ramen.

Crockpot Sweet and Sour Chicken

Home made Chinese food right from your slow cooker and much better than take out!

Beef Short Rib Ramen

Recipe works with all types of meat and fish, just adjust the cooking time for the protein.

Easy Chinese Chow Mein

The kind of meal you eat with just a bowl and spoon! Easy, tasty and budget friendly. Mince, vegetables, noodles and egg with a tasty Asian flavour!

Asian Greens

Beautiful vibrant Asian Greens right from your slow cooker :)

Sweet Soy Asian Chicken

Delicious chicken pieces with a sweet Asian flavour!

Sweet Chilli Dim Sim/Dumplings

Easy and tasty dim sims in a sweet slightly but mildly spiced sauce. Great for entertaining.

Cantonese Pork Pieces

A subtle flavoured Cantonese Pork recipe the whole family can enjoy :) Not too spicy for little ones and such a moist, tender result!

Mongolian Beef

Full of flavour with beef that just melts in your mouth

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

This is an easy, made from scratch, healthy chicken broth and chicken noodle soup. It is healthy but can be easily adjusted to your taste or the taste of different individuals at the table.