Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!

Onions for BBQ

To make family BBQ's a little easier

Orange corned silverside

Juicy corned silverside with a hint of orange

Slow Cooked Hoi Sin Duck

Slow cooked duck with the flavours of Hoi Sin :)

Minted Potatoes

Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon while meat is cooking in another slow cooker

Pork and Gravy

Simple and easy three ingredient pork, serve as a roast with vegetables/salad and gravy or pulled with rolls/salads/mash
Perfect serve yourself meal on sports nights or for that party/group get together

Corned silverside with golden syrup

A tasty 2 ingredient take on a classic

Honey Rosemary Pumpkin

A quick, easy side dish 🙂
My daughter wanted to try pumpkin with honey and rosemary, this is what she came up with

Chutney Chicken Curry – Easy 4 Ingredients!

A fruity, mild sweet curry pulled chicken :)
And just 4 ingredients so SUPER EASY SLOW COOKING!
Enjoy this one with the whole family xx

Buttermilk Cabbage

A super simple, extra tasty buttermilk cabbage - a great vegetable side dish to your next main meal :)

Apricot Chicken Sausages

Slow cooked apricot chicken sausages! Budget friendly, easy to cook and so tasty the whole family will LOVE them! Yummy :)