Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!

Memory Lane Chicken

Tomato & soy chicken just like my Aunty Muriel used to make #memories

Low Carb Seafood Tom Yum Soup

Healthy low carb, low calorie meal that packs lots of flavour!
The low carb noodles never break down and taste just like rice noodles, minus the carbs!

Sweet Sauce Sausages

Sweet sauce sausages - so yum!!

Sweet N Sour Silverside

I never really liked silverside done the traditional way but I came across a recipe on here for sweat and sour silverside and I thought I would do my own quick version of it and it was so tasty it has now become a regular and I love it.

Onions for BBQ

To make family BBQ's a little easier

Orange corned silverside

Juicy corned silverside with a hint of orange

Slow Cooked Hoi Sin Duck

Slow cooked duck with the flavours of Hoi Sin :)

Minted Potatoes

Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon while meat is cooking in another slow cooker

Pork and Gravy

Simple and easy three ingredient pork, serve as a roast with vegetables/salad and gravy or pulled with rolls/salads/mash
Perfect serve yourself meal on sports nights or for that party/group get together

Corned silverside with golden syrup

A tasty 2 ingredient take on a classic