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Tater Tot (Potato Gem) Casserole Review Posted on June 4, 2018

This was so good!! After reading the other reviews I took a couple of their suggestions on board such as adding taco seasoning to the mix as well as frozen mixed vegetables and the result was clean plates from the whole family! So tasty and a perfect tummy warmer on a Winters night!

Sweet Chilli Dim Sim/Dumplings Review Posted on September 30, 2017

Absolutely fantastic! Quick to prepare, simple ingredients, cheap to make & so yummo! All 6 plates in my household were empty with the kids asking for me to make it again soon (including my fussy one who won't normally eat dim sims!). Love this recipe!!

My Favorites
Divine Lasagna

Category: Italian, Mince, Pasta
5 hrs 25 mins
Garlic Chicken & Chorizo Pasta

Category: Chicken, Pasta
4 hrs 10 mins
4 hrs 10 mins
Creamy chicken bacon chorizo

Category: Chicken, Low Carb
6 hrs 10 mins
The Cob-less Hot Cob Dip!

Category: Bread, Condiments/Preserves, Low Carb
2 hrs
Sticky Steakhouse Ribs

Category: 8+ hrs, Beef
6 hrs 15 mins
Easy Chinese Chow Mein

Category: Asian, Mince
4 hrs 50 mins
Sweet Chilli Dim Sim/Dumplings

Category: 1.5L, 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Asian, Snacks
2 hrs 5 mins
Chicken and Creamy Bacon Gravy

Category: 8+ hrs, Chicken, Gluten Free, Lactose Free
8 hrs 10 mins
Big Mac chicken

Category: Chicken, Pasta
3 hrs 15 mins
Lamb kebabs

Category: Lamb, Mince
5 hrs 30 mins
French Cream Chicken – 4 Ingredients!

Category: 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Chicken, Low Carb
1 hr 35 mins
5 hrs 5 mins
Creamy pork chops

Category: Pork
5 hrs 40 mins
Slow Cooker Hot Dogs

Category: Lunchbox, Snacks
1 hr
Sweet Lamb Curry

Category: Gluten Free, Indian, Lamb
5 hrs 5 mins
3 hrs 10 mins
2 hrs 30 mins
Banana Bread

Category: Baking, Cakes
1 hr 10 mins
Quick & Easy Quiche Squares

Category: Eggs, Healthy Options, Low Carb, Lunchbox
1 hr 10 mins
Chicken Cheese and Bacon Meatballs

Category: Chicken, Mince
7 hrs 20 mins
Mini finger buns

Category: Baking, Lunchbox, Snacks
1 hr 50 mins

Category: 8+ hrs, Beef
8 hrs 5 mins
2 hrs 35 mins
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