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Upside Down Pineapple Cake Review Posted on October 14, 2017

Not too bad. The Family loved it with ice cream as did I. I truly did not know what to expect but it came out really well. I learnt a lot from this first try and I'm sure my next attempt will be even better. I love pineapple so Thank you Karen for a great recipe.

pineapple jam Review Posted on October 7, 2017

I made this Jam today, although very tasty, unfortunately it did not set. As per the jamsetta pack I added a second pack of jamsetta , following the instructions but, although a bit thicker, it was still not Jam consistency. I'm not sure what went wrong. Any suggestions Michele.

Creamy mash potato Review Posted on October 3, 2017

I pride myself on my mash but you have changed my outlook Kelly. We had this tonight and everyone loved the cheesy garlic flavour was sensational and the cream made it lush. We will be having this very often but I think I need to reduce the amount of Garlic as it was very strong. The cloves I used were pretty large though so its a matter of taste. Thank you again Kelly. Great Recipe.

Mango Chutney Chicken Wings Review Posted on October 3, 2017

I tried this Recipe today for the first time. I used thighs instead of Wings as the pricing was favourable today to do that. I had to use the paper towel trick to remove the chicken fat from the sauce (which is pretty normal for me now) and I did thicken at the end. You are a Genius Paulene, we all had strange looks on our faces while trying the dish as the flavour was very different to what we expected but it was delicious. Everyone loved it and they slow cooker bowl was wiped clean using bread. A must for everyone to try. Yummo.

Mumma’s Steak Bacon Cheese & Onion Pies Review Posted on September 18, 2017

Wow Jennifer, your recipe made me look good lol. It was my first attempt at a pie and it was both flavourful and delicious. Nothing left on their plates. Thank you.

Sweet Soy Asian Chicken Review Posted on September 13, 2017

Cooked this for the first time yesterday. It was easy and delicious. Thank you for the Recipe Paulene, it is magnificent.
I did remove some of the oil from the SC at the end and thickened the sauce. My Family are all over full and moaning on the lounge. A total success.

Sweet Soy Asian Chicken Review Posted on September 12, 2017

I cooked this for the first time today and it was excellent. I drained a bit of the oil on top and thickened to make a delicious sauce. Served with fried rice. No one can move cos they are so full. Thank you for this easy and delicious recipe.

Creamy Carbonara Review Posted on September 9, 2017

I love this form of Carbonara. Thank you Lysette .

Pasta Carbonara Review Posted on September 9, 2017

I love this Recipe. Thank you Nataline

Easy Steak Diane Review Posted on August 29, 2017

Hi All,
I want to do this sauce without putting the meat into the slowcooker. I wasn't happy with the meat but loved the sauce. What changes, if any, should I make to the sauce ? (I'm thinking the meat must add some flavour to the sauce. Is this correct ?

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