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Fried Rice Review Posted on September 9, 2019

Very Important Message. Just adding to my previous review back in June/July 2019 - YES STILL LOVE IT. My first attempt was spot on perfect, but for some reason on my second attempt I stirred the mixture every half hour. WHAT A MISTAKE. So just making a note to help others if they are silly like me. DO NOT STIR THE MIXTURE EVER OR AT LEAST UNTIL 1.5 HOURS. As on my 3rd attempt it was perfect like my first attempt. Yum

Easy Steak Diane Review Posted on July 22, 2019

YUM - As suggested I added cornflour with the sauces and cream and cream did not curdle. I was impressed as I cooked it on low for 6 hours (instead of 4). I cooked off the onion and garlic and browned the meat first. I added 2 teaspoons beef stock to sauce mix. Sauce still needed some more cornflour to thicken at the end. So delicious. I've had a stove top casserole of beef diane I have used for over 15 years but from now on I will be doing this slow cooker version. Perfect. Served with pasta.

Fried Rice Review Posted on June 13, 2019

UMMM WOW! Why have I only just found out about this (thanks to the facebook shares that's how). Thank you. This was super amazing. Fried Rice in the slow cooker - really!? YES! Not gluggy, not sticky. Cooked to perfection. Only modification I did was as suggested - 3 cups of stock instead of 2. Mine actually was cooked in the 1.5 hrs. I would do a few other modifications for flavour (like less oil, more soy and maybe chinese five spice) but this recipe is the perfect base for fried rice in the slow cooker that actually works and is worth trying people. Loved it. And like others said re-heated great by the microwave.

Creamy chicken & bacon pasta Review Posted on May 24, 2019

A winner in our household. I actually didn't have the extra cream to add (OOPS) it still worked just not as saucy. My veges I added were carrot, baby corn, capsicum and browned/cooked leek and garlic. Absolutely delicious. I've never added raw pasta before and was dubious about only added 1/2 hr before eating BUT it worked!!

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