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EASY CHUNKY CURRY BEEF & VEGIE CASSEROLE Review Posted on September 18, 2017

This was such an easy dish to make, and was a delight to eat.
I added sliced up mushrooms, and the only veggies I added was a pack of frozen corn, peas and capsicum. Tasted great on top of mashed potato, but went to another level with tonight's trail of loaded fries!!
My own homemade loaded fries! Curried beef and mushrooms from a slow cooker, shoestring fries in the air fryer and grated cheese all thrown in the oven for 3 mins so the cheese melts.

Seafood Chowder Review Posted on September 10, 2017

I love Seafood Chowder but have never been game to try to make it myself. This recipe is easy to do and is as authentic as you can get!
I did cube the potatoes very small so they cooked a bit quicker that way. Love it!

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