Campbell’s ‘Real Soup Base’ GIVEAWAY

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Our 5 lucky randomly drawn winners were:

Leah Stafford
Tania Gillham
Brenda Morton
Kaylah James

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered 🙂
Winners have now been emailed regarding their prizes.


Campbell’s and Slow Cooker Central want you to think about soup….

Not just any soup though.
We want you to think of the not your every day kind of soup.
The kind of soup that captures flavours from international cuisines all over the world.
The fill your belly and satisfy your taste buds kind of soup.
Slow cooked soup of many flavours 🙂

And then think about something that means making your soup is even EASIER…

Campbell’s promise that their special mix of stock, herbs and spices already in each Campbell’s Real Soup Base pack will take the hard work out of making your next flavoursome soup.  Half the work is already done for you 🙂
What a perfect ingredient to base your next slow cooker soup creation on!

You could follow one of two suggested recipes listed right on each pack , or you could visit the Campbell’s website for even more suggested recipes for each base, or you could instead use the bases for your own special soup creation!

While the suggested recipes list methods for stove top cooking rather slow cooker specific methods, they would adapt great to slow cooking also.  You can use them however suits you best 🙂

The full range of Real Soup Bases and more information on each one can be viewed HERE on the Campbell’s website.

In coming weeks I’ll be sharing recipes to our Facebook Group showing how I have adapted them to slow cooking or used them as a base in other slow cooked soups. We’d love to see you share your slow cooked creations with them also!


Campbell’s are giving 5 lucky winners the chance to win a prize pack containing 1 each of the 6 Soup Base flavour varieties per winner!
So you can try them too! 🙂
How great is that?!
Simply comment below which flavour you’d like to try most and why – it’s that easy!

We will select 5 random winners from the comments below.
(comments appear after approval so don’t worry if you don’t see yours right away)

This competition is open now and will close at midnight Sunday 20th November 2016 (AEDT)
One entry per person.
Open to Australian residents only.
Winners will be announced here on this post on Monday 21st November 2016.


Good luck everyone ?




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  1. Nicole young says:

    Chinese as their soups are amazing

    • Donna Hansen says:

      I was making soups over winter would love to learn how to make laska, thai ones and so many more, this would help so much

  2. Leah Stafford says:

    I would choose Thai or Chinese! Yumm!

  3. Cass Hodgson says:

    Chinese! We have moved to a new area and can’t find any decent Chinese ? We will make our own!

  4. Vicki C says:

    Thai, as I absolutely love Thai food.

  5. Mellisa Smith says:

    I want to try the chinese soup base as i absolutely love Noodle Soups, but always have difficulty avhieving the depth of flavour in the broth.

  6. Lorraine Stuart says:

    Would be great to try the Morrocan something different 🙂

  7. Nicole Wright says:

    Malaysian, I love the coconut flavour in their soups, they are amazingly delicious.

  8. Tania Bean says:

    I would like to try the Malaysian one as my partner grew up there and it would bring back so many happy memories

  9. Marie Norris says:

    Chinese or Thai definitely! What an awesome concept ?

  10. Tania Wirt says:

    might try one of these next time I do a soup like the Chinese or Thai. love the variety they have now

  11. Linda says:

    I’d love to try the Chinese base to see if I can make noodle soups at home 🙂

  12. katrina stubbs says:

    i’d love to try the Spanish base. I could add chorizo and cannelinii beans to it and make a yummy soup

  13. Wendy McGinnes says:

    Malaysian! My short time there, and visiting street food markets is unforgettable for my tastebuds. Not to mention the delightful people, and fusion of cultures. Anything to trigger the memory is most welcome!! ☺️

  14. Rachael Wills says:

    I would most like to try Thai as I love Thai food 🙂

  15. Laura Thomson says:

    Thai slow cooker chicken and rice noodle soup was closing your eyes and believing you’re on holiday

  16. Diane Amos says:

    I would love to try out the Moroccan Soup or any of them really as they all look good.

  17. Caroline Burgess says:

    Spanish i would definitely try the Spanish soup. I love Spanish food!!!!!! Might even make it over to Spain one day.

  18. Margaret teasdale says:

    Italian or Spanish would be lovely.
    Get the family into a different mix of flavours.

  19. Janice Biaggini says:

    The Italian one . My grandson is a chef and engaged to a lovely Italian girl . I would love to cook them an Italian inspired meal!

  20. Regan says:

    I would love the thai one as i love all the different flavours you can taste

  21. Tania Gillham says:


  22. Tracy says:

    Hi i would love to try any of those flavours as i am sure they are all great in they own way thanks

  23. Gail Jones says:

    Would love to try the Spanish yum

  24. Malaysian the hint of coconut and coriander

  25. Dale Mills says:

    I would choose Italian. Rich tomato based soups are my favourite. Yum ! Comfort food…

  26. Kiani Smith says:

    I’d love to try any as I never eat outside my comfort zone but I think Chinese.

  27. Mel Devney says:

    Vietnamese chicken and prawn soup with heaps of veg and noodles yum!

  28. Meri Warren says:

    Thai , I have made some soups using the Italian & Chinese and they were fantastic

  29. Kez Day says:

    Spanish, as you can’t beat those big bold flavours!

  30. Tina Pearson says:

    I’d love to try the Chinese, they all seem amazing though!

  31. Rebecca says:

    I’d definitely love to try the Moroccan one. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten a Moroccan style meal so this will be a first for me!

  32. Cathy bulmer says:

    I would try the Thai as I’ve always wanted to cook my own Thai food, and which better way to do it then in my slow cooker

  33. Vikki Knight says:

    Spanish base would be such a change not to spicy for the little ones of the house

  34. Brenda Morton says:

    Morrocan, the picture on the packet looks great.

  35. Melissa Walton says:

    Love to try the Thai soup base as I make a lot of Thai dishes and it would be so convenient to use and have on hand in the pantry!

  36. Krista Holmes says:

    Chinese, love the flavour of authentic chinese foods 🙂

  37. Tara Beynon says:

    I would choose Chinese.. Because I love Chinese chicken & corn soup – would be great to make my own with this soup base. Yum!!

  38. Jaime Caillot de Chadbannes says:

    I’d love to try the Thai. I don’t think I’ve ever had Thai food ever! It would be great to try something new, and those flavours sound amazing.

  39. Krystle says:

    Defiantly Moroccan, yummy!!!

  40. Corinne says:

    Italian…..they just have the best hearty food!! Great for the body and the soul.

  41. Ngaire Sorrensen says:

    I would love to try them all, Chinese would be my favourite

  42. Valerie Fitzsimons says:

    Moroccan sounds really interesting, please.

  43. Kaylah James says:

    Italian for me 🙂

  44. They all look amazing, can’t wait to try them all, I’d start with the Thai one first as Thai food always tastes amazing

  45. Spanish, no Thai, or Italian, or maybe Moroccan. Hell, I can’t choose – they all sound so good which is why I hope I win so I can try them ALL?

  46. Chinese is my favourite food so the Campbell’s Chinese flavour is the one i would go for first.

  47. Toni English says:

    Moroccan – add some chickpeas & root vegetables. Or add more veg & pulses with some lamb or goat & use less stock to make it into a stew. Delicious

  48. Rebecca says:

    Definitely the Moroccan. Our family loves the Moroccan flavours, we try to add them to almost every meal.

  49. Leanne Bain says:

    Moroccan – haven’t tried it so definitely would love to give it a go!

  50. Tammy Shorten says:

    I love Thai and Chinese so either if these would be my first pick, I would love to win these to have a chance of trying them ?

  51. Emma says:

    YUM I love soup and these look amazing! Iv never tried Malaysian soup so this is the one I would love to try. Defiantly will give these a go

  52. April says:

    Thai. What more can I say then to say Thai food is the key to my husbands heart

  53. carolyn clarke says:

    any of these would make my home made vegetable soup taste even better.
    Good luck to all the entrants.

  54. Rebecca says:

    I would like to try the Thai soup base. I don’t have many of those spices in my cupboard. It would give me a chance to try them before I go out to buy them.

  55. Vikki Rogers says:

    The Italian as I have always wanted to try Minestrone and this way I can’t go wrong, right??

  56. Jane Valentine says:

    Spanish plz. The only Spansh dish I have tried is Paella.
    Your Italian & Thai are yummy. Havent tried the others.

  57. davlyn says:

    Oh, how can I choose one? I guess I would put Itlaian as my first preference thanks

  58. Lorna Calder says:

    Soups aren’t just for winter so I would like to try the Chinese and Thai soups as they are so light and cleansing. Perfect for our hot summers


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