Converting oven/stove recipes to slow cooking recipes!

Now that we have you hooked on slow cooking I bet there are heaps of your old family favourite recipes ...
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~Top 5 Recipes~

**Top 5 Most Visited Recipes** This list has been compiled using official site statistics so it can change at any ...
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** Slow Cooker Covers **

You will often see in recipes that people will state to lay a teatowel (the cloth you dry your dishes ...
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Why use your slow cooker for that!?

When I tell people what we cook in slow cookers I often get looks of confusion, wonder and even disbelief! ...
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~Pantry Staples for Slow Cooking~

So you are now cooking lots of new thing with your slow cooker and wondering what else you can cook ...
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Breville 5L ‘The Flavour Maker’

I absolutely LOVE my Breville 7L Flavour Maker! However for a lot of households this is too large for their ...
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FUDGE **Frequently Asked Questions**

Are you wanting to make your first slow cooker fudge but have some questions? Made one already but something went wrong? Sick ...
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Breville 7L ‘The Flavour Maker’

In my line of work I see and use a lot of different slow cooker machines but I can honestly ...
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Breville 6L ‘Smart Temp’ slow cooker review

The Breville Smart Temp is one nice looking slow cooker. It's the little touches like the shiny metal handles and ...
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Welcome 🙂

Welcome to Slow Cooker Central! My name is Paulene and I am a busy working mum of 3 who lives ...
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Taking Great Food Photos!

We love receiving photographs of your slow cooker creations and can't thank you enough for the time you take to ...
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The Ruseell Hobbs 6L Searing slow cooker features a non ceramic inner cooking pot, glass lid, and a stainless steel ...
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