How to clean your slow cooker!

It happens to all of us sometimes! We finish cooking our recipe only to find a baked on ring of ...
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“FAST” Slow Cooking

Let's face it ... slow cooking is meant to be just that.  Slow. However here at Slow Cooker Central we ...
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Thanks to ABC books and HarperCollins Publishing we launched the Slow Cooker Central recipe book! (Book 2 now available for ...
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Slow Cooking Flavours of the World

At Slow Cooker Central we love cooking a wide variety of dishes in our slow cookers. Not only covering all ...
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New Wave 5-in-1 Multi-Cooker

With so many kitchen appliances on the market to choose from these days it can be hard to know which ...
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Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas – Slow Cooker Style

For those of us who celebrate Mother's Day  we have a great collection of breakfast ideas for you! Whether you ...
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Slow Cooking Whole Chickens

Can I slow cook a whole chicken? You sure can! And many will tell you once they tried slow cooking ...
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Find us on YouTube!

We are developing a collection of videos to share with you on our YouTube channel. You can find us on ...
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Slow Classics – The 2CD Musical Companion To Slow Cooker Central

So we have some news that I'm so excited to finally share with you all today! The amazing musical team ...
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Slow Cooker Cakes

Cooking cakes in slow cookers is out of the norm for a lot of traditionalist slow cooker users, so we wanted ...
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The ‘Tea Towel trick’

What is the  tea towel/dishcloth trick I hear everyone talking about? You will often see in recipes that people will ...
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How can I remove excess fat/oil from my slow cooker dish?

There are several methods you can use to remove oil your dish. First and foremost you can reduce the amount ...
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