How to apply your slow cooker DECAL

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How to apply your Slow Cooker Decal

1. Prepare the surface where the design will be applied with a little rubbing alcohol, spray and wipe or thorough clean. Dry well prior to application.
2. Your new Slow Cooker decal consists of two layers. The ‘design’ layer, (which is the decal on a paper backing), and the ‘clear transfer tape’ (clear plastic layer over the top).
Lift the corner of your design and slowly pull the clear plastic layer away from the backing paper layer, ensuring that the plastic transfer tape layer collects the whole of the die-cut decal onto itself as you go.
Please note that you may have to carefully help the decal stick to the transfer tape by pushing the tape back down onto the design in sections, to ‘re grab’ the design. Due to the intricacy of the detail in the decal, and the nature of the product, the application tape may begin to pull or slightly lift the backing paper. If this occurs, we recommend to cease pulling and changing direction or start at an alternative corner.
3. Using the transfer sheet as a guide, hover the slow cooker decal above the external metal surface of your slow cooker. When you believe you have the correct placement, stick the decal, along with the plastic transfer tape, onto the surface you have prepared.
Please note this is a one-time shot, it is very difficult to remove and reapply the design.
4. Using your finger, run your finger over the whole of the die-cut decal, pressing the decal design against the surface, paying close attention to intricate sections.
5. Leave both the transfer layer (that clear plastic layer), along with the decal, on your slow cooker (turned off) for 24 hours or at least overnight, to ensure the decal has time to adhere.
When your decal has had time to adhere, very carefully and cleanly peel away the plastic transfer layer, leaving only the decal itself left on your slow cooker surface.
Please note that if you find the transfer plastic is lifting the decal, you can separate the plastic layer from the decal by gently heating the decal by rubbing your fingers over the top of the plastic. (A little trick is using a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the decal)
6. Discard plastic transfer layer.


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